It all began with a seemingly ordinary day, scrolling through Twitter when I stumbled upon a tweet by the one and only XCOPY, requesting for CC0 work from artists. Without a moment’s hesitation, I eagerly replied with my artwork ‘Facets’. To my delight, just an hour later, I discovered that XCOPY had taken the initiative to remix some of the works in the comment section including mine.

XCOPY followed me on twitter and then we discussed on minting this as editions of 100. Also we did modified the initial artwork, what surprised me was you don’t feel you are working with a legendary artist, It felt like I am working with one of my best friend.

Thanks to the CC0 license. This novel approach not only provides artists with a platform to showcase their work, but also allows art lovers to own a piece of XCOPY’s work at a more affordable price point.

It’s amazing how life can take unexpected turns in mere seconds. I am incredibly grateful for this innovative opportunity that has given me the chance to connect with fellow artists, and showcase my own work.

This collection is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0, which grants everyone the freedom to use, share, and adapt the artwork. Join us on this journey and be a part of this exceptional collaboration that celebrates the power of free and open culture in the digital art world.